Are you committed to providing your family with healthy garden-fresh real food? Do you dream about a future of food self-reliance?

  • Do you worry that your old canning recipes aren’t safe?
  • Does your abundant garden harvest have you wasting valuable food?
  • Are you passionate about saving money by canning and preserving food?
  • Are you an experienced home canner, curious to explore alternative food preserving techniques like fermentation or drying?
  • Are you confused about which canning method to use?


Imagine no more home-canned moldy jam. No more wondering if that discolored jar of tomato sauce is safe to serve your family. No more wasting an abundant garden harvest because you are not sure how to preserve it.

That was me once too, eager to grow, preserve, and prepare delicious fresh foods for my family, but not entirely sure how to do so. Along the way I made lots of mistakes, like the time I bought 40 pounds of apricots to make a “little” jam – but you don’t have to!


Join others using my 30 years of experience, and cut your learning curve in half:

  • Can and preserve fabulous garden-fresh food – mistake free.
  • Capture the taste of summer all year long.
  • Garden and grow your own food, even if you live in the city.
  • Create your own safe canning recipes.
  • Turn your garden harvest into inexpensive, delicious, nutritious meals for your family.

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Warmly and well preserved,


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