Gift Baskets for Soup Lovers

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Another gift basket today – for the soup lover on your list. There is really nothing like a hot bowl of homemade soup in the winter. Here I’ve pulled some favorite soup, bread, and dessert mixes together for a festive basket.

soup mixes gift basket

For this quick basket, designed for soup lovers, I used the following items:

Stoneware Soup Bowls: Purchased at a local craft fair, I love these bowls by Raft River Pottery.

Soup Spoons: Everything tastes better when served with a real soup spoon.

Soup, Bread, and Dessert Mixes: I used recipes from Gift Goodies in a Jar and Holiday Gifts from the Kitchen and put them in zip-top bags instead of jars.

Gift Box: Absolutely love this gift box, found at Michael’s. The bonus? It fits in a flat-rate USPS mailing box!

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