About Seed to Pantry

Seed to Pantry isn’t just a website, it’s a state of mind. It’s place to learn safe food preservation techniques and find exciting new recipes. A place to find backyard garden growing tips, traditional craft ideas, and canning and dehydrating projects. A place to explore homemade sourdough successes (and failures!), gifts from the kitchen, and how to make food from scratch. Seed to Pantry is about an age-old approach to living, updated to fit our modern realities. It’s community of people, just like you, who seek to live a more authentic life and to Grow* Preserve * Savor.

Whether you are an actual farmer or a city-bound farmer-at-heart, a prolific canner or an occasional food preserver, and experienced gardener or have a single pot of herbs on the deck, Seed to Pantry is your place to learn, to share, and to create. Explore with us!

Library of Congress, Farm Security Collection

About Renee Pottle

A frugal Yankee at heart, I first learned to can as a child; hanging out in my Nana’s kitchen while she and her sisters gossiped and put up jars and jars of pickles.

Later, I’d sneak into the basement to view numerous colorful jars of carrots, green beans, tomatoes and more – my grandfather’s garden bounty lovingly preserved for delicious home cooked meals.

Soon, I was a wife and mother with a kitchen of my own. A slim wallet, a child who couldn’t tolerate food additives, and my grandparents’ example set me firmly on the path of food self-reliance.

Ever since I’ve been planting, foraging, and preserving, and turning my little ¼ acre house lot into a family food Eden.

My passion for food preservation, and the science behind it, eventually led me to an exciting and multifaceted career as:

  • Published Author of several cooking and business books
  • Home Economist/Family and Consumer Scientist
  • Master Food Preserver/Food Safety Advisor
  • Clothing and Craft Designer
  • Lifelong learner!