Book and Product Reviews

Canning/Preserving Books and Products

(Reviewed and Recommended)

naturally sweet food in jars book reviewnaturally sweet food in jars – by Marisa McClellan

For those interested in alternative sugars like coconut, maple, and agave.




Saving the Season

Saving the Season – by Kevin West

For home canners who want to know why in addition to what and how.



The Preservation Kitchen The Preservation Kitchen – Paul Virant

For the gourmet cook; and want-to-be gourmet cooks!




drink the harvestDrink the Harvest by Nan K. Chase and DeNeice C. Guest

For home canners, gardeners, and dedicated DIY’s.




ball blue book canning recipesBall Blue Book Guide to Home Preserving by Jarden Home Brands

For beginning and experienced home canners/preservers.




Tart and SweetTart and Sweet by Kelly Geary and Jessie Knadler

For the intermediate cook who likes to use their home canned goods in a non-traditional manner.




Preserving Memories by Judy Glattstein  Preserving Memories by Judy Glattstein

For the adventurous home canner who fondly remembers Mom’s kitchen.

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