Cooking-Related Books

“Some people like to paint pictures, or do gardening, or build a boat in the basement. Other people get a tremendous pleasure out of the kitchen, because cooking is just as creative and imaginative an activity as drawing, or wood carving, or music.”
Julia Child

Mixes in a Jar

Food Mixes in a Jar

Simplify your life – make your own last-minute gift goodies or convenient off-the-shelf mixes.

The book is full of recipes for convenient, wholesome meals that can be prepared in little to no time. There are recipes for herb and spice mixes, soup mixes, salad mixes, skillet mixes, bread mixes, dessert mixes, and favorite breakfast mixes.

Use ingredients you already have at home, and put all your dehydrated garden fruits and vegetables to good use. The recipes are perfect for quick, weeknight meals and the mixes are pretty enough to give as gifts.

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creative jams and preserves

Profitable Preserves


Imagine turning your passion for preserves into a money-making side-gig. Like magic, this step-by-step guide will help your dream come true. Profitable Preserves answers all your food-related business start-up quesitons and simplifies the process.

Discover the proven steps that let you spend more time doing what you love, while putting cash in your pocket. You will find how to easily create mouth-watering jams, jellies, and preserves; master legal requirements; identify potential markets; choose the best business model for you; and more!

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new water bath canning book

Water Bath Canning


From the back cover

Canning might have started as a practical way to preserve the harvest through long, cold winters, but these days, people mostly do it out of love. Author and canning guru Renee Pottle brings the tradition into the 21st century with modern flavors and unexpected ingredients. The recipes are simple enough for beginners but intriguing enough to excite even the most experienced food-preserving enthusiast. This canning cookbook included classic favorites and uncovers long-forgotten specialities. So, dig out those canning jars and start preserving!.

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gifts from the kitchen book

Holiday Gifts from the Kitchen

Magical Holiday Gifts, Made By You! Delight your gift recipients with gifts from the heart, and the kitchen.

No more running to and fro. Now you can make treasured classics, kid-friendly favorites, and unique specialties like Sugarplum candy, Root Beer Popcorn, and Pfefferneusse cookies in your own kitchen.
These are the gifts that say, I love you enough to share my very best.

• Easy recipes for last minute gifts
• Timeless favorites made new again
• Unique Breads, Candies, Cookies, Snacks and more!

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creative jams and preserves

Creative Jams and Preserves

Are you ready to fill your shelves with iridescent, tongue-tingling soft spreads? Then this book is for you.

It’s not a fantasy. Creative Jams and Preserves gently guides you from mounds of fresh fruit to lip-smacking sweet concoctions. Soon you will be making traditional favorites, trendy specialties, and timeless treasures like Apricot Jam, Butternut Squash Butter, and Rose Syrup.

Get creative – with jam!

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the confident canner

The Confident Canner

Canning isn’t difficult. You don’t need a college degree or to be a science whiz. But you do probably have questions like:

  • Does canning food make it less nutritious?
  • Do I have to add salt to my canned vegetables?
  • Why did my canned pears turn pink?
  • Why did my jars come out of the water bath covered in a white film?The Confident Canner answers all those questions and more.

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canning journal

Canning and Preserving Journal

Has this ever happened to you?
• Your mother loved the Spiced Blueberry Jam you gave her for Christmas and wants more. But you can’t remember which recipe you used.
• Those pickles were just too sour! How much sugar did you use?
• Your home canned corn is starting to look a little funky. It was canned last summer, right? Or was it two summers ago? Maybe three?
• Your pantry is overflowing with apricot jam. You definitely want to make less this year, but how much less? How much did you make last year?

I know just how you feel. A Canning and Preserving Journal keeps track of all your projects.

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healthy cooking with wine

A Guide to Healthy Cooking with Wine

Getting healthy has never tasted so good!

Sometimes eating healthy means bland, tasteless food. But you don’t have to settle for that – add wine.

Wine perks up food flavor like salt, adds satisfying mouth feel like fat, and tastes sweet on the tongue like sugar, all without unhealthy calories. Plus, wine is full of healthy anti-oxidants for better heart health and reduced cancer risk. Live longer, and healthier – cook with wine!

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