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Keep track of your canning and preserving projects with your own personalized journal!

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Has this ever happened to you?

  • Your mother loved the Spiced Blueberry Jam you gave her for Christmas, and wants more this year. But you can’t remember what recipe you used.
  • Those pickles were just too sour! Did you use as much sugar as the recipe recommended or did you use less?
  • Your home canned corn is starting to look a little funky. You just canned that last summer, right? Or was it two summers ago? Maybe three?
  • Your pantry is overflowing with apricot jam. You definitely want to make less this year, but how much less? You can’t remember how many cans you made last year!


I know just how you feel!

After years of trying to remember what recipe I used, where that recipe could be found, and wondering just how many jars of corn relish or green salsa I had made the previous year, I finally got smart and started keeping a journal.


Sadly, my memory isn’t as sharp as I thought!

I found 23 bread and butter pickle recipes. Which one had I used last year? What about those pickles that used ripe cucumbers? Where was that recipe? How many cups of raspberries were in the Raspberry-Blueberry jam? What kind of plums did I use in that delicious Honey Plum Butter?


A Canning and Preserving Journal keeps track of all of those questions and more

I couldn’t find a journal anywhere that kept track of what I needed, so I created it myself. My Canning and Preserving Journal is a year to year listing of everything I canned or dried or froze at home. It helps me keep track of what kind of tomatoes I used in the tomato puree, how many jars of corn relish I made, and just what recipe was used for that yummy tangerine marmalade.


Better yet, it’s perfect for all of YOUR canning and preserving projects too!

Download Your Canning and Preserving Journal Today!

You will receive:

  • 40 plus pages to keep all your preserving projects organized
  • Blank recipe pages to record all your favorites
  • What you need to know when giving your canning projects as gifts
  • A record of your personal history that will keep you organized and be cherished by generations to come

Happy canning!

Note: Make sure your printer is set to the landscape setting for accurate printing. Keep your journal in a three hole punched notebook, or take it to your local print shop for binding.







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