Gift Goodies in a Jar">Gift Goodies in a Jar

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gifts in a jar

Everyone on your list wants Gift Goodies in a Jar!

Why? Because gifts in a jar appeal to our creative nature. It’s easy to make your own gifts – in a jar!

Gift Goodies in a Jar:
  • Surround us with beauty – even in the kitchen
  • Encourage us to try new foods – with no commitment
  • Saves money – your recipients don’t have to buy each individual ingredient
  • Saves time – a life-saver after a long day at work or for a last-minute bake sale
  • Let the kids do the cooking – most can be made by adding water, heat, and stirring
  • Turn you into a creative cook – add optional ingredients from your cupboard
  • Are loved by everyone on your list – from the toddler to the college student to the busy parent to your great-grandmother, no one is going to turn away goodies in a jar
  • Keep your loved ones healthy – YOU have control over the what goes into each jar and can use additive and chemical-free ingredients


Download your copy now!

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