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Your beautiful batch of homemade jam came out a sticky, gooey mess. Can you save it?

Your cousin, Lisa, makes the best homemade salsa. Is it ok to can it?

the confident canner

Canning isn’t difficult. You don’t need a college degree or to be a science whiz. But you do probably have questions.  Questions like:


  • Does canning food make it less nutritious?
  • Do I have to add salt to my canned vegetables?
  • Why did my canned pears turn pink?
  • Why did my jars come out of the water bath covered in a white film?


The Confident Canner answers all those questions and more; questions about:

  • jams and jellies
  • pickles
  • vegetables, meat and fish
  • tomatoes and other fruits
  • general canning questions


Download your copy now so that:

  • You won’t break your grocery budget: How to salvage overcooked and under cooked jam.
  • You won’t give anyone botulism! How and when it is safe to vary your canning recipe.
  • You won’t have a huge mess to clean up: How to keep your cooking jam from spitting all over the kitchen.
  • Your pickles will look and taste delicious: How to keep them from getting all cloudy.


The Confident Canner answers all your canning questions.

DOWNLOAD 50+ pages of answers to your most pressing canning questions.

Happy canning!


 Looking for a print copy? Get yours at




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