Canning and Preserving Blogs

Other Canning and Preserving Blogs I Recommend

heirloom tomatoes

Beautiful heirloom tomatoes for sale at the PSU Farmers’ Market.

Canning Blogs

A Gardener’s Table – Linda Ziedrich, author of two of my favorite canning books, writes this wonderful blog about all things to grow and preserve.

Food in Jars – Marisa McClellan writes this popular canning blog, full of recipes, class schedules, and giveaways.

Real Food – While not strictly a canning blog, this blog from Mother Earth News has everything you’ll ever want to know about canning, and homesteading. You just may have to look search for the info. But don’t worry – you’ll find LOTS of interesting blog posts and articles to keep you entertained.

Punk Domestics – Sean Timberlake is the mastermind behind the Punk Domestics site, which covers every home preserving technique you could ever wish for. This site, and its blog, is like a big box of crayons for we preserving types.