Canning Websites

Other Canning and Preserving Websites I Recommend


Canning Websites

National Center for Home Food Preservation – Housed at the University of Georgia, the Center is the place to go for safe food preservation research. The site is a bit difficult to negotiate and desperately needs to be updated, but you will find lots of current canning and preserving info.

Jarden Home Brands – Jarden makes Ball® and Kerr® brand canning jars. Their Fresh Preserving site includes a few of the more common recipes, information about their jars, canning appliances, and other canning and preserving products.

Punk Domestics – A canning and preserving aggregate site where you will find numerous recipes and techniques. This site is especially useful if you are looking for something a little different or unusual.

About Food Preservation – This site, part of the huge family, is currently guided by Sean Timberlake, founder and mastermind behind Punk Domestics. Like all of the About pages, the Food Preservation topic includes recipes, techniques, and step-by-step guidelines for numerous preservation topics.