Brandied Cherries

brandied cherriesWe had a bumper crop of cherries from our two little trees this year, and luckily got our share before the birds ate them all! I pitted and froze most of them (the cherries, not the birds 🙂 ) to use in smoothies all winter long. But I couldn’t resist making these brandied cherries for Christmas presents. I used the recipe in the Ball Blue Book. It was super simple.

What can you do with brandied cherries? Good question. If you are an adult, you can spoon them over vanilla ice cream right from the jar. For children, it’s probably best to heat the cherries first to make sure all alcohol has been cooked out. You can also thicken the cherries with a little cornstarch and use them as a cake filling, or maybe use them for a cherry pie with a little something extra. Brandied cherries are also good served over pork chops, roast pork, or roast chicken.

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  1. Do you have the recipe for candied cherries? Would love to have it.

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