Best Gifts for Gardeners and Plant Lovers

  • Find the perfect gift for the plant lovers on your list, without busting your budget.
  • Get your favorite gardener a magazine subscription or a new planner.
  • Growing kits and live plants are great gifts for gardeners, houseplant enthusiasts, and kids too!

Finding the right gift for everyone on your list sometimes feels like an ordeal. This is especially true when your gift-giving budget is limited. Don’t resort to purchasing a boring box of candy though! We have curated the best gifts for every avid gardener, newbie gardener, and plant lover that you know! Affordable too.

Magazine Subscriptions: Yes, you can find everything you want to know on the internet. But sometimes you don’t know what you want to know! Magazines, like those below, introduce you to new gardening products, new growing ideas, new and unusual plants, and interestingly new ways to find growing success. Plus, gardeners smile with delight when the latest issue arrives in their mailbox – and will think of you, the gift giver, all year – with gratitude.

Heirloom Gardener: This magazine is full of information, recipes, and tips about heirloom, and nearly forgotten, plants. All kinds of plants are covered; vegetables, fruit, ornamentals, medicinal, flowers, there’s even an article about growing cotton in the latest issue. The perfect gift for a knowledgeable gardener who likes to experiment with new plants. Current annual subscription: $24.95

Capper’s Farmer: On the other hand, if someone on your list loves following the old tried-and-true gardening and preserving techniques, Capper’s Farmer is the magazine for them! Full of days gone by stories, recipes, gardening tips, and home crafted projects, this magazine is the print version of the word cozy! Current annual subscription: $16.95

Mother Earth News: When a magazine has thrived for decades, you know it has to be both informative and entertaining. Mother Earth News covers much more than gardening, including homesteading information, recipes, food preservation, and all facets of farming for both large and small farms. Current annual subscription: special rate – $12.95.

Garden Planners/Journals/Logbooks: Anyone who has planted a garden more than once says to themselves, “I wish I had written that down last year!” Garden planners, journals, and logbooks solve that problem. There are numerous options listed on Amazon, but a few of my favorites are:

The Gardener’s Journal – made with recycled materials. Only $19.95

The Garden Log Book – A 5 Year Planner – Only $11.95

Plant Kits: Plant kits are fun for experienced gardeners, prospective gardeners, and children alike!

Live Plants or Forced Flower Kits: Do you know someone who loves houseplants? If so, I assure you, they would LOVE a new plant under their tree. You can send live plants from mail order retailers like Logee’s and Spring Hill Nursery. However, I prefer to mail forced flowers this time of year, and save the live plants for spring or fall holiday gifts. Forced flower kits like Amaryllis, Paperwhites, and Hyacinth are available at Harry and David, Holland Bulb Farms, and local shops like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Walmart. Don’t think your gift recipient already has plenty of houseplants. Houseplant lovers NEVER have too many!

Tomato Takeover Kit: I love this little kit from Uncommon Goods that let’s you grow three different kinds of tomatoes; Black Krim, Roma, and Green Zebra. Tomatoes are America’s favorite vegetable garden plant, and this kit let’s us grow both an easily recognizable variety – Roma – and a couple of heirloom varieties. Only $20. (Update – sometimes this product is out of stock, but you will find other great gardening gifts at the link above!).

Practical and Play: Sometimes you just want a deck garden. And sometimes you want your dream greenhouse – without the work!

Earthbox Containers: I have used these wonderful deck garden containers for almost 20 years. I recently purchased two new ones, to add to my collection. The older ones are still working just fine. Since our strong summer UV light usually breaks down anything plastic after a few years, you know these boxes are sturdy. I love how they don’t take up much space but are the perfect size for a good harvest. I have grown everything in them from herbs, to lettuce, to Brussels sprouts. Most years, I fill one with catnip. The mighty Merlin loves hanging out in it and nibbling to his hearts content. Prices from $32.95 – $61.95.

Merlin the cat – REALLY enjoying an Earthbox full of catnip.

Mini Greenhouse Kit: When the weather is too cold to get outside and garden, sometimes you have to just dream and pretend. I love this little greenhouse kit for images of sunnier days. In fact, I am hoping someone puts it on their list for me this year! $39.95 at Signals.

Full Disclosure: Although I have purchased these, and many other, products from the above companies, no one is paying me anything to list them here! These are all products I, as a gardener and plant lover, find useful and bring me joy. I bet your gift recipient will love them too.

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by Renee Pottle

Renee Pottle, a freelance writer and Home Economist, is fanatic about all things food. She blogs about canning and food preservation at Find her professional food writing info at

December 9, 2019

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