Best Gifts for Gardeners, Food Preservers, and Makers 2021

Each year I pull together a list of best gift ideas for the gardeners and food preservers in your life. This year, I am including other Makers too. We all have something in common; a love of “doing it ourselves,” of making something with our own hands. A sense of self-sufficiency, of authenticity, and the belief that practical can be beautiful too.

This year’s list is short. While I always choose items that support small businesses, most of this year’s businesses are micro – one or two person establishments. In a year where supply chain issues are keeping us from stocking up on more plastic stuff, the items here are designed, created, and shipped all within the United States. Many are one-of-a-kind or custom made, so order early!

Mixes in a Jar: Yes, I wrote this book. It was published late this summer and the response has been heart-warming. Here you will find recipes that are deliciously convenient to prepare, and beautiful enough to give as gifts. If you have a food preserver on your list, this book will be especially welcome. Or if you like to have a few convenient (but chemical free!) meals on the shelf, buy the book for yourself!

Get your copy at Mother Earth News or Amazon

Taproot: A subscription to this beautiful magazine is on my personal wish list this year. A magazine for “makers, doers, and dreamers,” Taproot is ad free and has lovely articles about food, farm, family, and craft. The current issue has articles about growing sprouts inside, sourdough, and a lovely knit sweater pattern plus much more.

Get your subscription or individual copy at Taproot.

Greenman and More: I bought my own greenman this spring, and love him so much I have purchased more for gifts. This Etsy store, My Garden Goddess, also sells moon and stars plaques, Celtic knot designs for the garden, and butterfly stepping stones – and everything in between. No doubt there is something here for almost everyone on your list.

Get your Greenman at MyGardenGoddess on Etsy.

Wild Soaps: Another personal favorite, I have been purchasing soaps from A Wild Soap Bar for a few years now. Their soaps are all-natural and use organically grown botanicals. There are many different “flavors” but my current favorite is Wild Carrot. The soaps are creamy and mild, and the company seeks to reduce plastic and has a partnership with 1% for the Planet. The website is a little difficult to maneuver, so be sure to check it all out!

Get your creamy soaps at A Wild Soap Bar.

Pressed Flowers/Décor: Botanical prints and décor are all the rage again. This Etsy shop puts you ahead of the trend, with beautiful pressed flowers and leaves, framed for display. I have to admit, I am very picky about what goes on my walls. I have a certain aesthetic in mind and would rather have bare walls than something that doesn’t fit. But I have two of these well-priced “bouquets” beautifully adorning my living room. I am sure you will find the perfect piece of art here too! (Poor picture quality my fault. Poor lighting in this house!)

Get your pressed flower beauties from TreasuresbyShaye on Etsy.

String Art Kits: It seems that most string art kits are either for children or are hugely elaborate and pricey. This Etsy store hits the sweet spot in between. The creative kits are perfect for tweens through age 100! There are lots of interesting designs; everything from flowers to Christmas designs to sports teams. The prices are reasonable enough to buy one for every maker on your list. (Poor picture quality my fault. Poor lighting in this house!)

Get your string art kits at ThisnThatHcB on Etsy.


SeedtoPantry Books: I couldn’t close this list without noting a few of my other books that make great gifts. To see all of my books click the Books and More link above.

Profitable Preserves – for the enterprising entrepreneurs on your list. Get it at Etsy or Amazon

Holiday Gifts from the Kitchen – for great ideas of gifts YOU can make. Get it at Etsy or Amazon

Creative Jams and Preserves – for the jam, jelly, and sweet spread makers on your list. Get it at Etsy or Amazon

by Renee Pottle

Renee Pottle, a freelance writer and Home Economist, is fanatic about all things food. She blogs about canning and food preservation at Find her professional food writing info at

November 9, 2021

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