Friday Round-Up: Mango Recipes

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We are heading into mango season. Enjoy this tropical and versatile treat a multitude of ways!

mixed fruit

I wholeheartedly believe in the eat local movement. It just makes sense that the food produced close to home travels less, and can be harvested closer to ripeness. Thus it is more nutritious and tastier than its long traveled counterparts.

But we live in a global society. A society that has introduced us to foods from other climates. Foods that would never grow in our backyard, no matter how green our thumbs. And some of those foods I am just not willing to give up. Are you? Sadly, you’ll never find olives growing in my backyard, it’s just too cold here. But my life would be so much paler without olive oil. And let’s not forget tropical fruits, especially mango.

I love mango so much that I once paid $7 for one mango. We were visiting a farmers’ market in Hawaii when I came across a booth full of green mangoes, longans, and other tropical treats. Here’s how the vendor snookered me:

Me (delighted): Oooo, I didn’t know that mangoes were in season.

Vendor: They aren’t.

Me (slightly confused): So….have they been in cold storage?

Vendor: No.

Me: I am leaving next week, will they be ripe before then?

Vendor: This one will.

Me: How much?

Vendor: $7. You should really try some longans too.

By this point I was so discombobulated that I just said, “ok.” Later a local resident told me that I paid waaaaaay too much. But, the mango did ripen before we left the island and it was the best mango I have ever eaten!

Since then I pay less, but buy them whenever they are at their sweetest, usually April-July. Mangoes are best eaten out of hand, but they can be added to numerous recipes too. What is your favorite mango recipe?


Super Simple Mango Frozen Yogurt. Yum.


Mango Syrup Recipe. Try over pancakes with chopped macadamia and shredded coconut for a real island treat.


Try this Blueberry-Mango Jam over at Spectacularly Delicious. I found this recipe originally on Punk Domestics.


I am not crazy over fruit salsa as a rule, but Mango Salsa is the exception. I usually make this recipe found on the National Center for Home Food Preservation site.


Mango isn’t just for sweet things, this Quinoa-Mango Salad looks delicious. Find it at the Alexandra’s Kitchen site.


Want to learn more about mangoes? I highly recommend this book by Allen Susser, The Great Mango Book.

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