An Old-Fashioned Treat – Rose Petal Jam

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Do you ever feel that you were born in the wrong century? That you have an appreciation for simple times, simple tastes and handcrafted items that just isn’t common today? Me too. Whether it’s due to ancestral memory, reincarnation, or just the result of reading so many historical novels (most likely!), I feel a connection to the past that goes way beyond filling in genealogy charts. Rose petal jam is one of those “days gone by” connections that your great-grandmother might remember.

pink rose bushesroses for jamrose petalsrose petal jam

For years I have been planning to do something with the petals from our many rose bushes, but never seemed to find the time. It seems such a waste to just let them blow away though. So finding myself with a little time I went searching for recipes and came up with this delicious jam. It was quick and easy to prepare, only took a few minutes to pick the rose petals, and resulted in a unique jam that would make a perfect gift. Some observations:

  • The whole house smells great while the jam is cooking. In fact, the rose smell lingered for a few days but it isn’t overpowering.
  • Use red or dark pink roses as they are the most flavorful. As you can see, I also used some dark orange roses.
  • Trim the white bitter part at the base of the petals before using.
  • Some people make this jam as a syrup and petal combination. I reduced the petals to more of a traditional jam consistency.
  • It has a simple, clean rose flavor that isn’t too sweet.
  • Rose Petal Jam would be great spread on biscuits for afternoon tea or made into an unusual jam tart. Or tucked into butter cookies, or rolled in phyllo, or served along with grilled chicken, or added to vinaigrette, or…..
  • Rose Petal Jam is more commonly found in Greek, Turkish, and Persian cooking.

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  1. Caz says:

    This is lovely and i have been also making rose essence great for adding to wone and cocktails. I grow chemical free organic garden roses to love your recipes.

    • admin says:

      Caz, thank you so much. I also love to make rose sugar and then use it when making shortbread cookies. It adds just the right touch of old-fashioned flavor and elegance.

  2. Glory says:

    I would love a copy of this recipe , I’m making roses jam and would like to compare your recipie to mine- it seems very similar. I signed up for the newsletter and looking foward to sharing it with my mom, she loves to can/ jam/ pickle/ dry

  3. Jacquelyn Davis says:

    I came across this site today looking for a rose petal jam recipe. I signed up to get it, but haven’t been able to locate it still. Is this something that will be emailed to me?

    • admin says:

      Jacquelyn, hopefully you have received it by now. It should come via email. If not, please let me know!


      • Jacquelyn Davis says:

        Thank you so much Renee – I did get it! I’m going to make a batch tomorrow morning. Can’t wait to try it! Thanks so much for sending the recipe; much appreciated.


  4. Leone says:

    Just make sure that your rose petals are not from bushes that have been treated with systemic pesticide.

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